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How to use the vCloud SDK, Part 2: Modifying

blueprint-vCloud-SKI-part2 In my last article I covered enough material to do an authentication handshake with the vCloud API and retrieve some of the most common items. But of course the API isn’t just used to get information on vCloud objects. Today I’m going to cover a few basic simple set commands giving you a few easy examples to replicate.
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How to use the vCloud SDK

vCloud API VMWare has provided several SDKs for vCloud API. The API documentation is mainly beneficial to a lower level of coding or reference. For Java, .NET and PHP however the documentation and support is much greater. The examples provided below are using the PHP SDK. Comprehensive guidelines on the objects that are used to prepare requests and process responses can be found in the documentation that comes with your SDK. Additionally, there’s an HTML based REST guide for the API that I often found a bit more useful than the pdf.
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