Top Benefits of Colocation Services

Top Benefits of Colocation

Colocation has many benefits to IT infrastructure and Businesses. Colocation enables businesses to cut costs, increase function with smaller IT departments and allows the organization to focus on its business and customers rather than its IT infrastructure management. Additionally, colocation infrastructure is purpose-built for growth and performance.

IT Infrastructure and Management: Increased Cost Savings

In years past, companies were determined to implement their own data centers and handle management in house to cut the costs of outsourcing their solutions. With the increase in IT capacity requirements and reduced budgets that are being enforced, companies are looking to data centers for colocation solutions. By implementing colocation services, companies no longer have to equip, manage, or provide staff members to run in house data centers.

For a monthly fee, companies can reap the benefits of a top tier data center’s capabilities and top of the line equipment, helping them to better allocate their funds and focus their efforts towards activities that earn the business money.

Power Redundancy: Increased Business Continuity

Natural disasters and unplanned network or power outages can wreak havoc on your business’ IT infrastructure. Why risk your primary business IT operations to failure when colocation in a top-tier facility comes with built-in power and network redundancy? By housing your equipment in a colocation provider’s facility you are ensuring a cost efficient and manageable redundancy plan. Qualified colocation providers have systems in place to keep your equipment and data safe in the event of natural disasters and unplanned outages. Redundant systems consist of multiple on-site generators with refuel resources in the case of long utility outages, uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), and high-powered industrial cooling systems (HVAC).

Support: Creating More Free Time for Business Activities

SMBs are limited in resources when employing an IT department for their company. While having an IT department available during the working hours of the company is beneficial, issues arise when support in needed during non-working hours, weekends, and holidays. Having a full-time staff 24x7x365 can be costly or worse having your staff on call can become a timing issue for problems needing resolutions immediately. Top-tier colocation providers have the man power and resources available to have support on-site 24x7x365, including holidays. This means support will always be a phone call or an email away from handling and resolving issues that may arise.

While there are many more benefits to implementing colocation services for your company, the aforementioned ones are not only critical to the IT department but also to the business as well. With a strategy in place, the benefits of colocation allow organizations to position themselves to be agile, secure and scalable in order to grow with and support their customer base.

Want to discover the rest of the benefits to colocation?

Benefits of Colocation
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