Data Centers: Why it’s More Than Just Power, Space and Connectivity

More than space, power and connectivity

As IT technology continues to bolster its importance to business growth and competitive advantage, data centers across the world are popping up everywhere with the maturation of the industry. Many data centers focus on the power, space and connectivity features of their facilities. While these features are truly important and make up the key components of data centers functionality, it’s not what separates one data center from another.

Data center facilities are getting closer and closer to becoming commoditized across the industry. Not because of price, but because most are focusing strictly on the power, space and connectivity features of their facilities instead of focusing on what truly matters to their clients. Data center clients are looking for providers to break away from the pack and offer elite levels of support, consultation, and a wider range of solution offerings.

Support and Consultation are Priceless

Whether your organization is large or small, support and consultation are of the highest value. While having an IT department available during the working hours of the company is beneficial, issues arise when support is needed during non-working hours, weekends, and holidays. Having a full-time staff 24x7x365 can be costly or worse having your staff on call can become a timing issue for problems needing resolutions immediately, that’s why data center support is so vital. Ideally, data centers will approach technical support with the attitude that they are an extension of your IT staff and take ownership of any involvement in your business.

Consultation of projects and customized solutions should be a given. Pre-sales and post-sales consultations are an essential piece of the puzzle that allows an organization and the provider to have an IT roadmap for current solutions and also for future growth potentials. By offering these consultative approaches, transitions to new solutions are easily completed. As a marketer, I am constantly looking to fellow marketers and leaders in the field for insights and ideas. Having an outsiders perspective on upcoming projects and techniques helps to balance the one-sided mindset and spark new ideas that lead to success. IT projects and roadmaps are no different. CTO’s and IT managers don’t always have the answers or may need a little guidance from an experienced leader in the technical field. Data centers should be willing to share their thoughts on projects and help guide prospective clients towards a resolution that fits the needs and requirements of their IT solution.

Multiple Solution Offerings Alleviate Multiple Providers

Businesses are looking for a data center providers that can handle and offer a slew of product solutions to support the multiple environments needed to run their businesses. As technology continues to evolve, businesses are finding that one environment may not be the most cost effective or flexible solution that they require. With a data center provider that offers multiple solutions such as colocation, cloud and dedicated servers, businesses are finding that those providers are the easiest to work with because of the abilities to tailor a unique solution specific to their needs. For instance, an organization may determine that it makes sense to implement colocation for their production area, while using the cloud for development. Because employees are only working part of the day, having development in the cloud means you can shut your development down at night when it won’t be used. Since you’re billed in the cloud on a metered basis, you’ll be billed less and while your production area is on 24/7, a guaranteed level of performance will meet your production environment thresholds.

At Caronet we are darn proud of our A + B power feed options, our abilities to purpose-build data centers for sole clients and also for our 99.999% guaranteed uptime. However, what we’re most proud of is our abilities to support clients, custom engineer solutions with pre-sales and post-sales consultations, and offer cloud, colocation and dedicated servers all under one roof to be a true hybrid cloud and hybrid hosting partner with our clients.

Hosting Engineer Consultation
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  1. Rich Schierer

    Another note of contention is what services are available during a disaster, whether that disaster is local or widespread.

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