Monthly Archives: January 2015

3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing a Colocation Provider

Avoid These Pitfalls Colocation enables business to cut costs, increase function with smaller IT departments and allows the organization to focus on its business and customers rather than its IT infrastructure management. While we love sharing colocation success stories, horror stories occur with unfortunate frequency too. Colocation mistakes can be painful and expensive. The following list will help
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Bitcoin Mining: The Trendsetting Saga

Bitcoin Saga The rise in popularity of bitcoin over the past few years has been difficult to ignore, especially for colocation and hosting bitcoin mining providers in the data center industry. Many data center providers saw bitcoin as a new vertical that they could embrace and build their business models on the needs of the virtual currency
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Why Colocation is still Relevant in IT Infrastructure

Building Blocks It’s difficult to argue that IT isn’t constantly evolving and heading in new directions. Over recent years, cloud computing has become well known as a financially efficient solution that solves IT infrastructure needs and requirements, specifically when analyzing operational aspects. Surprisingly enough, IT is in fact evolving towards more of a complete cloud computing solution.
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