Hybrid Solutions: Tailoring Your Solution to Your Needs

Hybrid Solutions Caronet

Cloud hosting and dedicated servers both have their benefits. Luckily, you don’t necessarily need to choose one over the other. Working with a provider who offers both allows you to tailor your solution to your needs, which can include both cloud and dedicated solutions.

For instance, it may make sense to have a dedicated server for your production area, while using the cloud for development. Because employees are only working part of the day, having development in the cloud means you can shut your development down at night when it won’t be used. Since you’re billed in the cloud on a metered basis, you’ll be billed less. However, your production area is on 24/7, and a guaranteed level of performance without disruption is critical, so having a dedicated server will achieve those benchmarks better in the cloud.

Some providers may provide solutions that combine the benefits of each. Caronet’s Dedicated 2.0 solution offers the reliability of dedicated servers with the benefits of the cloud.

With cross-platform system upgrades and downgrades, Dedicated 2.0 allows you to maximize your systems agility and seamlessly migrate from system to systems as your workload increases or decreases, without reconfigurations. When hardware fails, Dedicated 2.0 allows you to migrate between systems without any downtime, thanks to IaaS HA. Dedicated 2.0 also provides a number of other unique benefits, such as templated installs/reinstalls and system cloning to accelerate new server deployments, 10Gb connectivity on Intel E5 servers, storage snapshots, failure/maintenance reductions, and a free, unmetered high-speed private network.

Also, working with a provider who offers cloud colocation, and dedicated solutions makes it easier to transition between them or combine them as you need. The best solution is always one tailored to your specific situation, and you may move between different hosting solutions as your business changes.

It is important to select a service provider that values quality and data security. The integrity of your IT infrastructure directly impacts customers, employees and public opinion. If you handle sensitive information including credit cards numbers and social security numbers, then it is imperative to have the right security features. Not all service providers offer the same kind of solutions, and not all exercise the same level of skill and guarantees when supporting their clients.

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