Caronet Case Study: Professionalism and On-Site Support Brings Boykin Management

Boykin Management

Boykin Management Company, a leading full-service hotel management company headquarted in North Carolina, has a reputation for excellence in delivering value-added resort management operations which elicit a higher degree of financial success. 24/7 availability of their infrastructure that supports their email system was a critical requirement while searching for the best colocation provider that fit their needs.

The repercussions of downtime for Boykin Management would certainly provide a negative financial impact, said Andrea Knowlton, Boykin Management’s Director of IT. Prospective customers/guests at hotels frequently make and cancel reservations via online and email portals. Thousands of perspective customers/guests dollars could be lost during downtime due to lost reservations that the hotel was never aware of or took too long to respond to the request.

Benefits of Colocation for Boykin Management

  • Decreased costs of housing their own infrastructure – electricity and cooling costs are more efficient with a colocation provider
  • Increased redundancy – opposed to housing their infrastructure, utilizing a colocation provider ensured greater uptimes and a stronger continuity plan in case of unplanned outages
  • Space to grow – with colocation providers space is not an issue, as the business grows so does their infrastructure

Boykin Management chose Caronet to be its colocation partner because they exemplified true professionalism, timely on-site support and answered any questions that Boykin Management had during their search for a colocation provider.

Knowlton stated, “If we need to reach out to Caronet to have something done at 10:00pm, we can, and it feels good to have that available.”

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Read the full Boykin Management story.

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