5 Signs You Should Invest in Dedicated Servers

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Signs, signs, everywhere a sign…We’ve all heard the song before and honestly if you pay close enough attention, it actually rings true. When determining what IT infrastructure solution best fits your business, it can bring up a whole slew of questions and uncertainties. Each and every business has its differences from one another. However, what is consistent between these companies is the need for optimal functionality of their IT infrastructure in order to run the business efficiently and effectively.

This brings us to the discussion at hand. How do you know what solution is a fit for your business? While the following signs are not meant to be a fool proof way of determining what’s best for your business, if you find yourself surrounded by these signs, it may be time to consider dedicated hosting.

Your Equipment is Outdated

You’re not alone. There are plenty of businesses out there that are running on outdated IT equipment. While it might not seem to be an issue right now because everything is running sufficiently, issues can arise when you least expect it.

With dedicated hosting, you are getting the most recent generation of equipment available from the vendor via the hosting provider. This means more reliability and more options. Most servers these days are considered to be outdated by their 3rd or 4th year. By working with a qualified hosting provider, you will have options to upgrade to newer servers down the road as well-which may come with no additional costs to you.

You Can’t Afford New Equipment

Let’s face it, upgrading or adding more equipment can be a very costly business decision. Many companies can’t even think about these upgrades, especially these days where equipment is outdated far before you finish depreciating it. The upfront cost of upgrading your equipment can quickly equate to one or two years’ worth of IT budgets for smaller to medium sized businesses. It’s extremely difficult to make that decision knowing that you could utilize that money more effectively within the organization.

Dedicated server hosting provides a financial option for businesses facing this challenge. With dedicated hosting you turn the capital investment into a monthly operating expense. This helps to have a manageable monthly payment for a high performance server solution-all while providing you valuable capital to fund and grow other parts of your business.

You Can’t Afford or Don’t Have the Options to Implement N+1 Infrastructure

So you have a server closet with a power supply but no direct cooling or redundancies in place in case of an outage or disaster. In this situation, you know that you need to have proper cooling to run your equipment efficiently. However, the cost of implementing a new HVAC system for a small server room doesn’t make financial sense to your business or perhaps you are leasing an office space that does not allow you to make any structural changes.

One of the many advantages of dedicated hosting is that the qualified hosting provider has redundancies already in place at their facilities that immediately become available to you as soon as you become a client. At a minimum, a respected provider will offer N+1 cooling redundancies in case of any outages or disasters. You can rest assured knowing that your equipment is being properly stored and safeguarded.

Your Website is Experiencing Slow Load Times and Delays

You are currently using a shared server, which means you have a certain amount of bandwidth and disc space. The issue with this is that when you have high volumes of traffic coming to your site, your visitors are experiencing delays and slow or difficulty loading.

In this particular case, a dedicated server will be of best interest to your business. With a dedicated server, you do not have to share any resources with anyone else. This means better security, more storage space, increased bandwidth, more control, more options with software, and increased speeds as well.

You Are Spending Too Much Time Maintaining Your Servers

As the age of your equipment increases, the time consumed maintaining it and keeping it running will increase as well. Added to your normal everyday responsibilities of server management now comes the duties of keeping it running, troubleshooting hardware, replacing old/failed components, and diagnosing performance issues relating to limited resources.

With dedicated hosting you have the benefits of new generation hardware and can cut back the time spent maintaining depreciated equipment and reinvest that time back into your business.

As mentioned before, these are not fool proof ways to determine if a dedicated server is the right choice for your business. However, if any of these signs are apparent to your business then consulting with a qualified hosting provider about your options and your roadmap may help you to get a better idea of what solution is best.

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