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Caronet Case Study: Professionalism and On-Site Support Brings Boykin Management

Boykin Management Boykin Management Company, a leading full-service hotel management company headquarted in North Carolina, has a reputation for excellence in delivering value-added resort management operations which elicit a higher degree of financial success. 24/7 availability of their infrastructure that supports their email system was a critical requirement while searching for the best colocation provider that fit
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5 Misconceptions of Dedicated Hosting

Facts vs. Myths For IT leaders, storage requirements growth translates to additional complexity and escalating costs. For many, dedicated hosting is a reasonable solution, providing greater reliability, built-in disaster planning and recovery, greater security, and better cost control. Decision makers are rightly concerned, however, about the costs and risks of making the wrong choices for their companies. Choosing
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5 Signs You Should Invest in Dedicated Servers

Signs - Blogs - Final Signs, signs, everywhere a sign…We’ve all heard the song before and honestly if you pay close enough attention, it actually rings true. When determining what IT infrastructure solution best fits your business, it can bring up a whole slew of questions and uncertainties. Each and every business has its differences from one another. However, what
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