Advantages of Utilizing a Data Center Provider

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As a small to medium sized business owner, functionality and continuity are of the utmost importance in order to succeed within a competitive industry. It’s easy to overlook your IT infrastructure, especially when you’re focusing on turning profits, growing your business and keeping customers happy. However, ensuring that your infrastructure is in the appropriate environment, managing the daily processes and system updates, and securing critical data should be of top priority.

One question that every business owner should ask themselves is, “What does my IT infrastructure mean to my business?” Whether your model is based on transactions that are completed over the website, or you have large data files that are exchanged in order to conduct business, or your end-users are utilizing your software solution to run their business – any kind of downtime or latency issues can affect your bottom line.

Utilizing a data center provider’s space, connectivity, and power will dramatically increase your continuity and help bring peace of mind to your business. Some advantages of bestowing your infrastructure with a data center provider, whether it be colocating your equipment or opting for a dedicated or cloud based solution is as follows:


Your equipment is going to be kept in a highly secure environment that is equipped with preventative measures in place to combat any kind of natural or man-made disaster. Caronet provides 24/7 interior and exterior motion surveillance, keycard, and biometric hand scanning in order to ensure the highest level of security.


In order to capitalize on profits, small to medium sized business often run on skeleton crews in the IT department, making it difficult to handle the complete workload necessary to function at pinnacle levels. Data centers are equipped with tech support, engineers, and facility professionals in order to ensure uptime and assist clients. Caronet offers 24 x 7 x 365 technical support to all their customers, even on weekends and holidays. Managed services are also available to help be an extension of your IT department.


A qualified data center provider will have multiple power options with diverse routes to ensure there are no single points of failure on the path. Caronet provides true A + B power ensuring there are two fully parallel paths from the curb to the equipment, with no overlap – 99.999% Uptime guaranteed by a industry leading SLA.


If cooling fails, you may not know it until your equipment overheats. An experienced provider will have not only excess capacity, but also parallel cooling with no overlap. Caronet maintains N + 1 cooling redundancy to ensure that any outages will be covered.

Not all businesses are created equal and neither are their challenges. However, if your business is dependent on your infrastructure in order to ensure business continuity and increase profits then managing and protecting your equipment is one of the best investments you can make.

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