5 Qualifying Questions for a Colocation Provider

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Deciding to move your company’s servers to a data center is a big decision. A great deal of work goes into finding a qualified colocation provider that meets all of your expectations and will work with you extensively during the transition. What qualifications should you focus on to find the perfect partner match? Here are five questions to ask a colocation provider before signing the dotted line:

1.) Is there 24x7x 365 Access?

Some data center’s claim this type of access up front, but then apply unwritten rules after purchase.  Be sure your access to your servers/racks is what you expect it to be. Caronet is open and truthful about anytime access from the beginning of the relationship. The customer provides a list of names of employees who are allowed to have access to their equipment. Caronet requires that the permitted employees come to the facility and provide a photo ID that is scanned and filed. An additional requirement for the permitted employees is to have their hands scanned for a biometric entry into the facility. Only then will a cabinet key be provided that accesses only the customer’s personal cabinet.

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2.) Do you have true A/B power?

Did you order A/B power only to find that your colocation provider isn’t giving you true A/B?  Did you find single points of failure in their power schematic?  Be sure you’re getting what you’re paying for. Caronet offers true A + B power where there are two fully redundant power paths from the curb to the equipment, with no overlap.

3.) Do you assist in shipping equipment?

When colocating your equipment with a provider that is not within driving distance or if the provider will be handling the setup of your equipment, shipping your equipment may feel harrowing. Knowing how to ship your equipment (http://blog.caro.net/2013/11/ship-server-data-center/) the correct way without damaging your capital is an essential part of colocation. Caronet understands these concerns and offers tips for shipping as well as makes sure that in case of an accident, there is an alternative solution. Tips such as always backing up server data before shipping, working with experienced shipping professional, wrapping your equipment with anti-static envelopes, bubble wrap, and foam-cushioned hard cases designed for your equipment are critical steps in making sure that your equipment arrives safe and sound to its destination.

4.) What are your support team’s qualifications?

Does your colocation provider have qualified remote hands?  Ask for the qualifications of the support team that will be helping you with server problems. Caronet has been in business for 20 years and has the expertise to manage the infrastructure and your needs. Caronet offers 2 levels of managed services plans: performance managed and pro managed plans. Each plan has its own features and benefits and depending on the customer’s needs and wants, Caronet has the options built for success.

5.) What security measures do you take?

Is the facility you chose truly secure?  Ask and check for the proper security checkpoints, rules and related items such as no food or drink in the facility. Caronet provides extensive security measures at their facilities in order to protect their clients and ensure that physical vulnerabilities do not happen. Such features as, 24/7 interior and exterior motion sensitive video surveillance, biometric hand scanning, 24/7 environmental monitoring, key card entry, and photo identification are just some of the features that Caronet implements to ensure security and peace of mind for their clients.

As we’ve said before, not all data centers are equal. By asking these five questions, you will ensure that the colocation provider you choose will provide the service and support that fits your expectations. Sign up for a free consultation (http://offers.caro.net/speak-to-engineer) by one of Caronet’s experienced engineers to learn how they can fit your hosting needs.

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