Colocation FAQs: Connectivity, Accessibility, Security and More

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More businesses are beginning to understand how beneficial colocation services can be, but some questions about connectivity, accessibility, security and other services remain. These FAQs should clear up a few of the commonly asked questions so that you can focus on more business-specific questions concerning how Caronet can help you.


Q: How reliable is Caronet uptime?

A: Caronet goes to great lengths to establish adequate redundancy so that users should expect no downtime related to the network. In fact, we’re so confident that we offer a 99.999 percent uptime guarantee as spelled out in our Service Level Agreement.

Q: What kind of data center connection speed can users expect?

A: Current support is available at 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, and 10 Gbps. Caronet is carrier-neutral, so customers can choose to utilize our bandwidth or to supply their own circuits.


Q: What kind of access will I have to my equipment?

A: Caronet offers colocation customers 24/7 access to authorized staff members 365 days a year. Access includes employee badges coupled with biometric hand scans in a two-stage process to allow entrance through Caronet’s mantraps.

Q: Are there policies in place for shipping and receiving my equipment? Is shipping equipment a viable option?

A: Not only can you ship your equipment to us, but we’re happy to rack and stack your equipment for you. We offer one free hour of service time to help you get up and running.


Q: What are the security measures offered at Caronet Data Centers?

A: Our data centers are manned by highly qualified staff members at all times. Authorization is required for customers to access servers via a two-stage process involving employee cards and biometric scans. Video from more than 50 surveillance cameras is available to our staff and kept for a minimum of 30 days.

Q: What about fire suppression?

A: We use a two-stage dry-pipe pre-action system for fire suppression that is closely monitored.

Q: Are firewall services included on the network?

A: While most customers choose to implement their own firewall options, Caronet does offer dedicated firewall solutions that can be customized to meet the individual needs of customers. Feel free to consult with one of our engineers about your requirements.

Q: What are my security options for my cabinet(s)?

A: All Caronet cabinets are lockable as a standard security feature. Customers may choose to purchase additional security features such as card scans, key codes, and biometric scans.

Q: Is it possible to buy a partial cabinet?

A: Absolutely. In addition to full cabinets, Caronet offers one-third cabinets, half cabinets, and customizable cage space configurations to customers.


Q: What if I need remote hands support?

A: All Caronet customers receive one free hour of remote hands services for issues such as diagnostic problems and hard drive replacements. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Services needed in excess of your free hour are billed at the rate of $150 per hour in 15-minute increments.

Q: What if I need assistance that’s more complex or specialized?

A: Caronet maintains a staff of administrators who can assist you with most database problems during regular business hours (8 a.m. – 6 p.m.). This service can be purchased for $150 per hour. Contact us to learn how we can meet your needs.

Q: What kind of real-time information is available to me concerning my colocation services?

A: As a Caronet colocation customer, you will receive secure access to our online portal, where you can view real-time graphs of bandwidth utilization and track your 30-day data center access history.

Q: Are full A-B power feeds available at Caronet date centers?

A: All of our A-B power feeds are full-path. This includes the generators, automatic transfer switches (ATSs), uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and internal power distribution units.
Our feeds use separate power sources. These separate sources go to separate ATSs and share no common equipment between the two feeds.

Q: Will Caronet provide managed service options on my colocated equipment?

A: Yes! Caronet is happy to provide managed services on equipment you own provided that it’s located in our colocation facility. We customize managed services to meet your unique requirements. Contact us today to learn more about this valuable service.
Before you make any decisions about the right colocation services and facilities to meet your needs, it’s important to make sure all your questions are answered. Schedule your free consultation with one of our talented and dedicated engineers to learn how our data center can meet your needs.

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