Caronet Provides Support Where Some Others Don’t

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More and more businesses today are transitioning or considering transitioning to Cloud services. It’s hard as a business not to consider virtual infrastructure with all the talk and uproar surrounding the topic in the IT world.

What makes Cloud a desirable solution?

  • Pay for what you use billing.
  • Easily scalable infrastructure when you need burst capabilities.

Providing Support

Overcoming the obstacles of scattered infrastructure support teams, failed or unsupported interoperability, or simply being left to “have at it” after purchasing cloud services can come as a shock to companies that expect these services to be included from their provider. For example, Creative Solutions in Healthcare (CSH) came up against a similar situation where their Microsoft Exchange configuration was not supported by their vendor of choice, Microsoft Azure.

“We asked them for a case study and documentation indicating [self-managed] Exchange could be supported on Azure. They gave us neither, and wouldn’t confirm that their Azure team would support a trouble ticket for Azure servers running Exchange,” said CSH CIO, Shawn Wiora.

Often vendors fail to even support applications you prefer simply because they would rather have you run theirs. 

Know Your Requirements

Understanding your needs and having a Cloud Service Provider actually provide you with what you need are far more important than trying to put together a puzzle that will never complete the full picture. Meeting your requirements is an essential piece to the puzzle when transitioning to the Cloud.

Whether you’re looking for reliability, to get up and running in a timely manner, backup capabilities, or support, remember to be clear about your requirements with your provider and make sure that the provider is capable of meeting them. Private clouds and managed cloud offerings can often better fit your needs day in and day out.

Caronet Scales to Your Needs

Caronet’s public and private cloud offerings can be scaled to you and your needs. Finding a provider that will sit down and have that needed discussion with you about your IT goals and services is your first step to making sure that you are getting what you need. Caronet Engineered Hosting is engineered to your specifications. If you don’t know your specifications and exactly what your needs are, we can help create a solution for you.

Not all Cloud Service Providers are the same, so be sure you have a solid discussion with whomever you choose for your Cloud products.

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