Monthly Archives: July 2014

Caronet Provides Support Where Some Others Don’t

Caronet-iStock blog image_7-30 More and more businesses today are transitioning or considering transitioning to Cloud services. It’s hard as a business not to consider virtual infrastructure with all the talk and uproar surrounding the topic in the IT world. What makes Cloud a desirable solution? Pay for what you use billing. Easily scalable infrastructure when you need burst
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Colocation FAQs: Connectivity, Accessibility, Security and More

iStock-blog image_7-23 More businesses are beginning to understand how beneficial colocation services can be, but some questions about connectivity, accessibility, security and other services remain. These FAQs should clear up a few of the commonly asked questions so that you can focus on more business-specific questions concerning how Caronet can help you. Connectivity Q: How reliable is
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