Caronet Case Study: First Bank Chooses Colocation to Ensure Customer Security

First Bank

First Bank, the fourth largest bank headquartered in North Carolina, has a reputation to uphold with its customers. 24/7 access through online and mobile portals are imperative to the customers they strive to satisfy. Therefore, security and data availability are crucial.

If their server goes down, not only do they have disappointed customers, it could also cost them half a million dollars a day, estimated Sterling Yancy, First Bank’s Information Systems Manager and VP. When servers go down, their individual branch offices go down, their websites go down, and they are back to the pre-electronic days of pen and pencil.

The privacy of First Bank’s customers is of utmost importance. Any kind of breach of bank records could be disastrous to their customers and harm the company’s reputation. First Bank recognized the importance of colocation several years ago and began the search for a secure colocation provider.

3 Benefits of Colocation for First Bank

  1. DR/BC: Built-in redundancy on all critical systems will improve disaster prevention and recovery.
  2. Reliable uptime: Power continuity, cooling effectiveness and network connectivity are all factors.
  3. Stringent physical security: Multiple layers of physical protection and video surveillance.

First Bank chose Caronet to be its colocation partner because they exceeded all these requirements. An added benefit was Caronet’s no-surprise fee structure. In the six years since the two companies began working together, First Bank has experience NO server downtime.

Yancy stated, “It’s been a good, no-hassle relationship. Their security is excellent, they maintain their equipment meticulously, and they’re honest and up front about the way they do business.”

To find out if your organization is ready for colocation, download this free ebook, Colocation Buying Guide, and learn everything you need to know to pick the right provider and avoid expensive mistakes. Want information about how Caronet can assist you? Schedule a free consultation with a hosting engineer or even schedule a tour of their facilities.

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