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Do You Have Heartbleed Vulnerability Issues?

heartbleed-bug-graphic-350px There has been a recent flood of questions and concerns relating to the Heartbleed Bug and your vulnerability to the cyber threat. Not everyone is directly affected by the recent threat but it raises the question of who is affected and how to make sure that you’re in the clear for any potential exposures. Who
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Caronet Case Study: First Bank Chooses Colocation to Ensure Customer Security

First Bank First Bank, the fourth largest bank headquartered in North Carolina, has a reputation to uphold with its customers. 24/7 access through online and mobile portals are imperative to the customers they strive to satisfy. Therefore, security and data availability are crucial. If their server goes down, not only do they have disappointed customers, it could
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Top 25 Cloud Computing Terms You Should Know

'Cloud computing' highlighted in green with felt tip pen Cloud computing is growing among businesses, organizations, and governments. According to State Tech Magazine, about 84 percent of Chief Information Officers reduced application costs by moving functions or data to cloud hosting, but migration to the cloud means you’ll need to learn a new technical language. Here are 25 common terms you’ll hear as your
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