4 Things Game Developers Must Have in a Hosting Partnership

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In most supplier – vendor relationships both parties say they want a partnership, but in reality they never attain one. In order to successfully create a winning product, you must find the right partner that is willing and able to provide the environment and support you need.

What is a partnership?

A partnership is defined as people or groups who agree to share responsibility for achieving some specific goal. In any partnership there are 4 components – Reward, Risk, Accountability, Philosophy.

When you are developing an application or bringing a product to market for the first time, how much sharing or responsibility really happens between you and your game server hosting provider? Everyone wants the Reward, no one wants the Risk, everyone is accountable – until something goes wrong.

In a true partnership both parties share the rewards, share the risk, are accountable to each other and truly [philosophically] believe that this is what makes a partnership and they stick to their responsibilities.

4 Components of a Gamer Partnership.

  1. Reward – If the game is a winner the developer has a revenue generating product that needs hosting and the game server hosting provider has a paying customer.
  2. Risk – Not all games make it, therefore both the developer and the game server hosting provider are using funds and resources with no guarantee of revenue at the end.
  3. Accountability – Regular meetings to check progress, account management from the game server hosting provider, and development updates mean that both parties are aware and accountable for helping each other.
  4. Philosophy – By entering into such a partnership, the game server hosting provider is putting its money where its mouth is by partnering with any customer.

Looking for a partner?

A good example of a true partnership is the Caronet Alpha Cluster Program. Aimed originally at gaming software developers, Caronet provides managed hosting at no charge during the key parts of the games development which leaves the developer free to put funding into building a winning game. Only once the game is launched does Caronet charge for hosting.

A true partnership, such as created in the Alpha Cluster Program, provides a win-win for the hosting provider and the developer. Contact us for more information.

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