The Best Way to Prepare for a Transition to the Cloud

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Developing a Solid Cloud Roadmap

We have found that prior to attempting a transition to the Cloud, it’s prudent to develop a list of review points, scope of work and a roadmap with input from key staff members regarding all the changes ahead. We suggest that you consult with key decision-makers starting with your CIO, CTO, CFO and CMO. In reality, they need to fully understand that this transition will result in an entirely new and more positive way of doing business.

It’s a given that the challenge of transitioning to the cloud requires adaptation in order for your company to evolve, survive and come ahead of the curve. Even small changes can present a major impact that might be somewhat disruptive, but not impossible to overcome. We’ve developed the following review points to help you understand the process and the ultimate business advantages.

Questions For Review

  • Does your business face mission-critical project peaks that require more capacity than what your existing structure can handle? Once your company has made the transition to the cloud, you won’t have to cope with this capacity issue. With the cloud, you will have the benefits of adaptable scaling with infrastrcture as a service (IaaS) for peak workloads. This flexibility and reliability is golden because it gives your team the ability to scale up and down with services based on your project needs.
  • Has your organization changed requiring more teams than when you initially started? What have you done to address this, or what are you planning to do to resolve the issue? Moving to the cloud also addresses this challenge. Your teams, regardless of their geographic locations, can access their projects from anywhere on any device.
  • Does the administration of your business require diverse resources? Transitioning to the cloud allows you to create virtual teams with the finest available talent from any place on the globe. This geo-diversity provides opportunities for growth, collaboration, and an agile culture with access to customized technology and the latest data management systems.
  • Do you face problems with employee competence while maintaining current projects? As far as employee competence, they may need some additional training. You and your IT management staff would be the best judge of this suggestion. That being said, it may also be a simple case of overload with a combination of projects plus system maintenance, upgrades and repair. We frequently see this situation as companies grow.
  • Will your IT staff be more effective if they no longer have to maintain systems, upgrades, and repairs? Productivity definitely goes south when projects aren’t delivered on time, resulting in rising stress and tension. If your IT staff is spending countless hours with upgrades, maintenance and repairs, projects are not being attended to in a timely manner. A cloud provider will provide you with a staff of highly trained engineers who will assume this responsibility so that your staff can concentrate on their primary responsibilities with projects. Also, you incur no additional salary or benefits expenses.
  • Does your CFO and finance department understand that money may need to be spent? You can expect to see the advantage of savings on capital expenses because of a reduction in outlays for maintenance and ownership. Plus there isn’t an upfront capital investment, so we’re not talking about huge monetary expenses.

Business has evolved so that it’s not the same as the enterprise that existed years ago. Enterprises of all types rely on many more applications used by your customers to interact with your company. Although this should be designed to boost efficiency and revenue, it also translates into the challenge of managing more applications with additional test and release cycles.

You’re Not Alone

If you’re running into issues with unresolved questions and internal resistance that is difficult to handle, keep in mind that you don’t have to attempt to do this alone.

At Caronet, we’ve been assisting companies since 1995, and it’s our job to make things easier for our clients. Another point that will catch the attention of your CFO is that you only pay based on usage without a set contract. We invite you to consider partnering with us. We’re pleased to answer questions via email at or by phone at (855) 785-9993 with our complimentary consultation services.

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