Dedicated Server: A Small Business’ Bodyguard

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For small businesses, the need to have a secure web server is clear: breaches can cost time and money, damage the reputation of the business, and lead to lower customer satisfaction. Fortunately, dedicated servers can provide small businesses with advanced security options designed to minimize the threat of data breaches and other malicious attacks. Dedicated servers can be a great choice for small businesses, regardless of whether or not those businesses are capable of managing security for themselves.

The security benefits small businesses can enjoy by using a dedicated server include:

  • Ability to customize deployments
  • Better password management capabilities
  • Access to managed services

Ability to Customize Deployments

One of the key factors that makes dedicated servers a secure choice for small businesses is that they allow a business to have complete control over the software, firewalls, and network protocols used on the server. Since businesses do not have to share dedicated servers with other businesses, they can take security matters into their own hands by picking firewalls and security software that best meet the needs of their business. For example, your business could establish a secure data connection using a secure shell (SSH) network protocol, and disable other insecure options such as Telnet.

With a dedicated server, you will never again have to stay up late at night worrying about whether someone else is taking the right steps to secure your server. A dedicated server may give a webmaster greater responsibility for personally ensuring that the right security measures are being taken, but this responsibility can be quite reassuring for experienced webmasters who would rather not depend on someone else to protect their business.

Better Password Management Capabilities

Password management is another example of how webmasters can feel more comfortable by taking matters into their own hands. Dedicated servers may start out using default passwords assigned by the host, but once passwords are reset for the first time, it is absolutely certain that no one from outside an organization will know what the passwords are.

Following proper password management techniques, such as using different passwords for root, administrative, and personal accounts, using long, complex passwords that mix letters, numbers and punctuation, and changing passwords on a regular basis, will keep your passwords safe and allow you to avoid costly security breaches that could result from having your passwords compromised.

Access to Managed Hosting

So far, we’ve talked a lot about how experienced webmasters can ensure small business security by managing their dedicated server themselves. But what if your business has no experienced webmasters on staff? In cases like these, dedicated servers can still offer great security benefits through managed hosting. Managed dedicated servers can allow you to take advantage of all the benefits offered by dedicated servers, without having to worry that you may be opening your business up to security breaches due to your staff’s inability to manage site security correctly.

Using a managed dedicated server, you will be able to trust that a team of experienced security experts are working specifically to make sure your business is protected from security concerns like data breaches and denial of service attacks. As an added bonus, your staff will have more time to focus on the thing they really should be focusing on anyway: growing your business.

Whether you plan on managing your server yourself, or feel like you need some help, dedicated servers can be the perfect solution to ensuring security for your small business. An experienced, trustworthy web host can help you set up a dedicated server that meets your business needs, and is also specifically tuned to your organization’s level of security experience.

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