What Comes After The Cloud?

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Cloud hosting is already providing enhancements in reliability, security and scalability for small, medium and large businesses. What can we look forward to as cloud hosting matures?

Industry leaders Wipro-Cisco and Forrester Consulting conducted a research study covering large enterprises that combine private and public cloud operations for hybrid cloud computing. According to the study results, this hybrid cloud growth trend is increasing all across the Asia Pacific to the point that it is very quickly becoming the norm.

What is Hybrid Cloud?

Generally speaking, a hybrid cloud describes a situation where an organization leverages a private and public cloud to seamlessly scale a hosting environment. This option provides the opportunity to easily move workloads between the two cloud infrastructures.

How can Hybrid Hosting benefit your business? It can help address growth and development costs.

In the event that you face the need to expand your operation, the issue of expansion capital can be a major challenge if you’re not in a financial position to purchase new equipment. Complications increase if this is a decision that has to be made quickly to meet unexpected and sudden expansion demands.

Having the access to rapidly expand your infrastructure with temporary or permanent cloud capabilities, and/or dedicated servers can help to smoothly deal with a wide array of growth challenges. Hybrid hosting provides a solution because it makes it easy to expand during growth periods.

The Cloud eVolution

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article featuring an interview with John Hagel, co-chair of Deloitte’s California based research center in Silicon Valley, we can look forward to worldwide personal lifestyle and business changes as a result of the cloud.

These apps are so smart

Be on the watch for PC tablets equipped with cloud-based apps that will be a boon to field technicians by providing immediate access to the latest training modules with information about how to fix a specific HVAC model, as just one example. There will be alert apps that issue a warning when things around the house or office are about to break, or when they need attention.

The connected shopper

Many people do their initial shopping on the internet and then, go to the store to actually purchase the items. A frequent problem is that although the website indicated that the item was in stock at the local store, in many cases it’s not because the inventory data is not up to date.

This does not make for happy customers, not to mention the wasted time and gas. Through the use of the cloud, it will be much easier to keep track of accurate inventory records. Enter the connected shopper who will visit brick and mortar stores equipped with web browsers on his/her mobile phone and successfully find the item they want to purchase. Then, the customer uses the web information from a competitor’s site and asks the store associate to match the lower price. It’s a whole new way to shop. You might even call it Advantage Consumer.

The growing importance of content

Content will become more important especially as manufacturers and service providers gather information about your likes and buying habits. We see it now on platforms such as Linkedin and Facebook. Person A mentions that she likes a certain organic juice. Facebook takes note and makes sure the manufacturer’s brand is in her information feed. If the woman mentions the store where she purchases the juice, we have even more information.

The “killer app”

If you aren’t a gamer, you can still feel like you are. You can combine 3-D graphics with a dynamite, high speed gaming experience anywhere on your mobile device via the cloud. It could even happen in your doctor’s office because today’s health and wellness management programs for chronic disease incorporate gaming techniques to coach, motivate and educate patients. Certainly much more interesting than charts.

These new developments will help to personalize patient medication and enhance the management of individual disease and health/wellness programs.

The incredible opportunities that are now available as a result of the evolving cloud will forever change the way you grow your business, shop for yourself, and even learn from your doctors.

How do you plan to use these opportunities to your business advantage?

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