How to Choose Between Cloud and Colocation Services


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Optimizing servers and IT infrastructure requires a cost to benefit analysis and clearly defined operational goals. Cloud and colocation services each have advantages making the optimal technology a function of your business and customer requirements. When making a selection, be sure to evaluate the following features and strategies.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is ideal because it can be tailored to fit the needs of your organization without substantial overhead costs. Private cloud and public cloud options are available, which allows you to align data security with enterprise risk management plans. Cloud hosting utilizes the latest in server technology to deliver value-added service to you and your co-workers. At Caronet Engineered Hosting, we provide high-quality cloud-based solutions to meet your server needs.

Additional advantages of cloud hosting include:

  • Quick leasing
  • Flexible storage capacities
  • Reliability
  • 24-hour support
  • Enhanced security features

Colocation Services

Protecting IT equipment from theft, damage or misappropriation is critical for the continued well-being of your organization. We maintain a first-class data storage facility that is ideal for colocation services. Place your existing servers in our racks and enjoy 24-hour support from our trained engineers. If you need additional bandwidth and IT infrastructure capabilities, we are able to provide assistance. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment is conducive to process excellence, and quality is integral to IT infrastructure and design.

Benefits of colocation facilities include:

  • 24-hour security & video surveillance
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Custom cage space
  • Full rack capacity
  • Managed colocation options

Cost Reduction & Higher Margins

For small businesses operating on a tight budget, cloud hosting reduces cash outlays for IT equipment and recurring monthly expenses. Though the balance sheet will be without capitalized assets, the income statement will have lower operating costs giving startups the flexibility to use extra funds for revenue generating activities. If you have an established IT infrastructure, colocation services facilitate the reduction of maintenance costs and overhead, which is ideal for improving profit margins.

System Optimization

Optimizing processes and systems is about more than saving money. Increased efficiency enables your business to meet the needs of customers and deliver higher quality products and services. Your existing IT infrastructure impacts productivity, and the feasibility of cloud-based or colocation solutions in the short-term may seem impractical. However, over the long run your company stands to reduce waste and the cost of quality by upgrading to quick and effective server solutions.

Flexibility and Support

If your business is growing rapidly or is experiencing uncertain times, cloud hosting and colocation services each provide a certain level of flexibility to support operations. In the case of small businesses looking for cost-effective storage space, cloud hosting is ideal. This solution makes it possible to support administration without incurring the overhead of a mature IT department. More established firms gain from colocation services by reducing the expense associated with operating existing devices.

Risk Mitigation

The Internet and networked computers are becoming integral components of corporate workplaces. In order to mitigate cyber threats and unauthorized access to sensitive information, servers need to be protected at secure facilities using the right equipment. We monitor our facilities around the clock to ensure data remains restricted to the appropriate personnel. Servers house personally identifiable information, payment card industry data and other materials thieves covet. We protect our clients’ information with the utmost professionalism and skill.

Selecting between cloud and colocation services is a strategic decision that impacts IT infrastructure and profit margins. For optimal results, utilize the method that enhances efficiency and produces better outcomes for clients. Look to Caronet Engineered Hosting for the latest hosting technology, upgrades and service.

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