What is Peering?


posted by Paul Peeler

Whenever I talk to people about Caronet, the conversation inevitably has a heavy focus on networking. We have worked very hard to create a robust network in order to provide the highest performance and uptime for our customers. Lately I have been asked what network peering is and what value it gives to our customers.

Why does peering matter?

Peering relationships give customers a faster and more direct path to networks outside of Caronet. Essentially, two organizations voluntarily connect their separate networks for the purpose of more easily exchanging traffic between them. Just think of it as a direct means of communication without extra steps along the way.

A typical route from one computer on the internet to another is comprised of multiple steps that can slow down the transfer of data. It’s similar to calling me at work without having my direct line. The whole thing starts with searching for our company number on the internet and it goes downhill from there.

When you call, there will be an automated attendant telling you what number to push in order to connect to the department you are trying to reach. If you wait until the end of the attendant’s message there is an option to access the company directory. At this point you can input the first few letters of my name and finally have access to my extension.

Complicated huh? Wouldn’t it be easier if I just gave you my direct number so that you didn’t have to go through this hassle every time you need to talk to me?

So how does it help me and how do I use it?

People love fast connections. Peering takes an already high performance network and makes it faster. We give you a more “direct line” to your customers on cable networks or any services you communicate with on AWS, Google Cloud, or any other peer of ours. This of course works in reverse as well. Your customers will have a more “direct line” into your applications as well.

Imagine a faster and more efficient experience for your users with no configuration needed on your part. Our peering and route selections make your job easier by ensuring that you have one less thing to worry about when managing your applications, and you don’t even have to ask for it.

Comments? Questions?

I hope this was helpful and would love your feedback. Feel free to ask questions in the comments and I will respond quickly.



Full 10g peering is available through any of our data center locations or through Equinix Ashburn. For a list of current peers, or anyone looking to peer with Caronet directly, please see our peering and providers page for more information.

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